Professional translations for Industry and the Services sectors

Eureco UK was founded in Reigate in 1998, before moving to North London 3 years later. We have been delivering top-quality translations to numerous clients for more than 20 years now.


Document Translation

We translate your documents with expertise, attention to detail and proficiency, ensuring the finished product reads well and is perfectly suited and understandable to the target audience. The creation of glossaries, terminology databases and translation memories enables us to use sector and customer specific terminology and ensures consistency in long documents and lengthy or complex documents. We can provide the sworn certification of documents (sworn and certified translations) on request. With Computer Aided Translation (CAT) making ever greater inroads into the translation industry over the last 20 years, translators can now improve their productivity and achieve higher consistency. We use the most popular CAT tools on the market to ensure uniformity of terminology and style in all your documents, faster translation and lower prices.

Website Translation

We provide solutions fully in tune with requirements and preferences, ensuring that the value of your website is maintained in the target languages.


We can provide proofreading as a separate service or as a supplement to a translation. Proofreading ensures that the translated documents you receive from us will be 100% fit for purpose. All our proofreaders are mother tongue translators and acquainted with the particular field, and therefore able to guarantee that the target texts are complete, accurate and read well in the target language.


With localisation, it is essential that the information provided in a software application or on a website is fully suited to the local audience. Only in this way will the texts be successfully translated for the local market. We have considerable experience in this area, having contributed to the localisation of some of the most widely used translation software in the world.


We have a network of interpreters with proven experience and professionalism who can contribute to the success of events such as seminars, meetings, round tables, corporate training courses and business negotiations. We offer simultaneous, consecutive, whispered interpreting services and we can also lay on the technical equipment needed for the event, if required.

Other Services

In addition to the customary translation and interpreting services, we can also offer the following services on request: Assistance on trips abroad. Linguistic consultancy on site. Telephone interpreting. Multilingual secretarial services. Transcription of audio-visual media.


Our Clients Come First

We make sure we understand and meet our clients’ requirements.


We provide our clients with translations of the highest quality.


We always deliver on time.


Our aim is to constantly ensure that the translations we deliver are 100% accurate.

Our Mission

To fully satisfy our clients by delivering top quality translations meeting their expectations. We do this by ensuring 100% accurate translations, competitive prices and always on-time delivery.
Although we work primarily with all the major European languages and the most important Asian languages (Chinese, Korean and Japanese), we may also be able to handle some other, less common language combinations, still maintaining the highest quality standards. Try us by asking for a quote – our friendly and helpful Project Managers will soon let you know if we can pick up your challenge! We specialise in the translation of legal and financial documents such as contracts, tenders, financial statements, annual reports, registration documents, commercial register extracts, etc. We also translate for clients in the engineering, IT, medical, pharmaceutical, construction and other fields. With only native speakers of the target language translating your documents, we guarantee that the finished product we deliver is a professionally translated document that is just perfect for your target audience.

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Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes

Gunter Grass